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I'm really proud of T for being mature and easy-going. I was on a special diet as a child and it's not easy saying "No thank you." I do think our culture is more accepting of food allergies and such now, but it's still tough!


it is really hard. You'll start to find new meals the fmaily enjoys and they become quick or freezer-to-oven ready too. I applaud you for doing it since it's nto an easy task and alot of people wouldn't try because it's overwhelming. Surprisingly, though, it's becoming more and more a norm in people I meet.
Things that we eat regularly are :
Curry Chicken, Spaghetti, balsalmic chicken, orange chicken, butter chicken (crispy coating using earth balance soy free spread and Glutino crackers), roasts, mashed potatoes, use rice pastas, almond milk and cinnamon for Udi's french toast, Pick-up Stix house chickena nd egg fried rice (ask to start with a clean wok), In-n-out with an Udi's bun (order protien style, Chick-Fil'A's fries and fruit. The list goes on.

I'd love to see you do a post about all the different things you make and eat now.


No popcorn?
I am not sure I would make it if I had to give up popcorn. *wink*

Yes, even in the midst of food stuff, God is with you. Praying you will enjoy His peace and presence through every (difficult) moment.
Love you!

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