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Pink and purple are good. So are puppy pictures!

I think it's in our estrogen or something. I had a brutal time being a good friend to myself this past week. I had this dress that was my goal for my weight loss. I tried it on over the summer, a few pounds from goal. It was a VERY tight fit, so I didn't try it on again after I got to goal.

It's hard for me even to share the story without beating myself up. Surely almost any other woman would have tried the dress on in the 6 months between hitting goal and the gala, right? Hem.

Anyway, I found a new, totally awesome, no alterations required dress at Talbot's on serious sale Friday afternoon. Maybe I'll take the goal dress to the tailor when I take a pile of other skirts and dresses later this month...


My little girl is making sure this dog gets plenty of girly colors.  Shes got a pink leash right now.  Weve got pink tennis balls too.  The wiffle balls are Rachels.  

I do hope the dress was too big.  Cant wait to see you in the new dress.  I think not trying it on has more to do with you still realizing your new size.  In your hadnt changed that much.  

Part of me blogging again is about me being good to myself.  I guess Im looking for my own Chansformation this year. ;0) km


But see, if you were like all these other people, you wouldn't be you. And if you weren't you, that would be a complete shame.

I'm so glad you are blogging again... It makes me happy to read your words and see your pictures. :)


love the puppy pictures and I don't have an answer for the comparisions. I've been doing it myself this week about my 'size'. Need to stop talking so horribly to myself. I would never talk to a friend that way. g


That puppy is adorable! We have always wanted one but it's never seemed like the right time or circumstance.
I think we are hard-wired to compare. A little might be good, for motivation but too much beats you down!
Let it go! And read what Sarah said again and again.

kathy b

observing growth is an awesome goal!!!
Be nice to you.


Oh, I like what gMarie said. I would never talk to a friend that way. So true!
I can totally relate to your battle with negative self-talk. I'm learning to be nicer to myself. And that's a very good thing!


Hi there!
Just checking in. Looking forward to your Refocus post. But, uh, NO PRESSURE! Whenever you're ready. *wink*

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